Marigold (Calendula officinalis) anti-histamin and anti-inflammatory

imageSkin allergies happen frequently, and if they are not too serious most of the time, they reduce drastically our quality of life.

One plant is useful for the treatment of moderate skin allergy cases, skin inflammations such as mild suburns, irritations due to chaffing or dry skin, it is the Calendula officinalis, our old friend marigold.

The best and handiest way to use it in France, is to buy a Calendula officinalis CO² extract.

In a small container, mix 15 ml of olive oil or even better Calophyllum oil, with a small amount of the marigold extract (about the size of a grain of rice).

Be careful! the Calendula oil will leave a permanent stain, so avoid contact with clothing.

Rubbing the oil onto the affected area of skin several times per day will work wonder.

This is the best anti-inflammatory, it calms and regenerates the skin.

Christine Lapchin – Naturopath in Paris, France



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